Welcome to the website of the

Rabbinical Alliance of America / Igud Harabbonim

a national rabbinic organization founded in 1942.

Today, our 800+ members are congregational leaders,

religious teachers, chaplains, heads of Jewish organizations

and communal leaders united in their commitment 

to traditional Orthodox Judaism.

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Stay tuned for:

  • The history of the Rabbinical Alliance of America since its inception in 1942

  • A comprehensive description of the Igud Beth Din (Rabbinical Ecclesiastical Court) functions and services

  • The Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Reports of the monthly Rosh Chodesh Conferences, past and present

  • Reports of the annual Siyum Hashas Convocations, past and present

  • Reports of Specials Sessions and Meetings, past and present

  • Photos from Igud events, past and present

  • Resolutions and Kol Koreh Proclamations, past and present

  • Our Member Rabbis with their current positions and short biographies

  • Weekly Divrei Torah on the Parsha by our Member Rabbis

  • Igud publications

  • ... and much more!


PresidentRabbi Abraham B. Hecht

Rosh Beth Din:  Rabbi Herschel Kurzrock

Tel. 718-851-6203

Director:  Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum



The Rabbinical Alliance of America / Igud Horabbonim

305 Church Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11218

Tel. 718-871-4543

Email: info@rabbinicalalliance.org

Web: http://www.rabbinicalalliance.org

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